Media can brainwash the society in two different ways when it comes to Islam.

1) That the muslims are terrorist
2) That Islam is all about peace

Both, can lead to the destruction of the ummah. Point number one is an external threat which attacks Islam from outside.

Point number two, an internal threat, a disease, an ikhwani methodology, who will put aside differences to build one ummah, who will unite upon multiple aqeedah, which clearly brings nothing but harm towards Islam and the pure aqeedah. Islam is not only about peace and enjoining good. Islam also taught us to forbid evil and hate falsehood. If this was the mindset of the Salaf, there will be no dispute the sunni and shi’a. But no! The salaf defended and preserve the pure teachings and aqeedah by warning against those who alters aqeedah and shari’a. Now we see many speakers calling others to good and have many followers. But how many speakers who warn against falsehood? It’s just a handful of them! And a few listen to them! This is a disease! Worst, those who knew about the correct methodology but remain silent about them just to maintain a good and friendly image. Betrayers!

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