Rectifying the heart with the Quran

By Shaykh Muhammad bin Hadi Al-Madkhali

The means that were mentioned by the Shaykh are the following:

Firstly: Reciting the Qur’ān.

Secondly: Reading the Sunnah of the Prophet – sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam – and his Seerah.

Thirdly: Reading the reports of the Companions and the righteous people, and their biographies.

Fourthly: Reading the books of admonitions which remind the person. For verily, they are like the lashes which wake up the person, they hit a person in the heart so that he wakes up and becomes alert.

Fifthly: Accompanying the righteous people.

Sixthly: Staying away from accompanying the evil people from the people of desires, innovations, sins and wickedness.

Seventhly: It is upon him to always perform du’a.


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