Quoted from Bro Abu Umayr

Advice to myself & all of you:

1) Fear Allāh with regards your Deen. Be upon Furqān, upon clarity, suffice with that & strive for istiqaamah (constancy) upon that path.

2) Do not listen to each & everyone who speaks.

3) Do not argue. Do not involve yourself in debating about Deen.

4) Restrict yourself from excessive socialising.

5) Restrict yourself from excessive speech.

6) Restrict yourself from excessive use of social platforms like Facebook (which should be quit altogether based on the fataawa of the Ulamaa) & Twitter.

7) Restrict yourself from being part of too many WhatsApp groups, especially the ones where there is lack of clarity.

8) Restrict yourself from bad company, from people who bring doubts.

9) Stick to the Ulamaa & Tullaab upon clarity and suffice with that.

10) I repeat- Do NOT enter into debates & argumentations. Fear Allāh. Be serious about Salafiyyah.

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