Parents that oppose the way of the Salaf

Its hard. I know.

Considering many of us were not raised upon Islam at all, let alone the way of the Salaf. Its very hard to speak to parents on issues for one main reason:

You are their child.

They remember teaching you to walk, feeding you, looking at you at your weakest state and seeing you in a way no one else has. To them, you are still that naive child that does not know anything. Especially when, the majority of what you learned, did not come from them and you quote them from books you have read.

Like many of the Muslims, many of our parents think if you have not been to Madeenah, you dont know anything. You’re just reading things online and are brainwashed. We’ve seen it not only from our parents but Muslims on this very site. When something goes against what they deem to be “correct” they lash out in emotional responses that have not a hint of intellectual expression. Rather its “YOU’RE NOT A SCHOLAR! YOU DONT KNOW!” but as the Scholars have mentioned we dont deny truth no matter where it comes from.

The majority of our parents grew up in a time to where its hard for them to accept anything that they were not taught. My own Father and I have had arguments about Islam in which, in a number of cases, he has stated things which could even fall into kufr. May Allah guide him. If he were to even see this right now he would deem it as me looking down on him and yell about how I know nothing. The reality is I know many of you probably feel your parents would do the same.

The only thing we can do is study and improve ourselves because our parents feel as if they have everything under control. No matter what proof you give them it will not suffice some because you are their child. If they do not believe in returning to the Ulema and understanding the deen according to As Salaf As Saleh they will not listen to their children, of all people, on how they are wrong.

We can only make du’a and be patient. The best way to give Dawah is to lead by example. Be the Muslim that you want your parents to be, and Inshaa Allah, they will follow.


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