How blessed it is to be raised by a muslim family. How blessed it is to be guided to the methodology of the salafus salih. These are the two blessings that many are taking it for granted, and thus, they either went astray or remain heedless about their own religion.

Being a muslim is not just about the shahadah. It’s about how grateful we are being the servant of Allah the most High, our sincerity, our intentions and our actions. I met a brother today and qadrAllah. He reminded me of how blessed we are to be a muslim upon haqq.

“If Allah wants to favor someone, He grants him comprehension (understanding) of this religion.”
(Sahih Bukhari vol.1 # 71, Tirmidhi and Musnad Ahmad)

MasyaaAllah. Reflecting upon our bad past that was filled with sins, and despite all that Allah still guided us to the truth and grant us knowledge about deen. Allah really love us that He guided us despite us being an ungrateful servant! But know, that Allah will never change a condition of someone until we change what is within ourselves! This is how important it is to have sincerity in worshipping Allah, to make tawbah for our past, and to seek beneficial knowledge for the sake of Allah, and not fame or debating!

Prophet Sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, “Whoever goes down a path/road searching for knowledge, Allah will make it easy for him the road to Paradise.” (Saheeh Muslim, Vol.3 Hadith No. 99)

We human are easily deceived by wealth. We can have diploma and degree, to earn money and support our family. But how dare we spent these money without thanking the Giver of rizq, the One who owns everything?? Verily we are all tested in different ways. From wealth, to war, to love/marriage. But how small these things are when we place Allah first in our hearts. Because when we place our 100% faith in Allah, we seek knowledge, we worship Him like how the Prophet worship, do we have anything to worry about? No! In fact we’re gonna look forward to death. but the ummah now are inflicted with al-Wahn, the love of dunya and the fear/dislike of death!

Reminder to myself first. Countless of times we were carried away but His mercy remains. Countless of times we complain about qadr but He still gave us great blessings. How ungrateful are we, getting all kinds of pleasure without even thanking Him. How ignorant are we, when death is reaching and still didnt acknowledge our own Creator. And how foolish are those people, whom are guided to Salafiyyah but went astray after that due to their desires. How doomed are those who call to themselves instead of calling to Allah. How arrogant are these people, who rejected the Haqq when evidences are shown. And how hypocrite are those who do things with the wrong intentions.

Allahul musta’an. This dunya is nothing but a drop of water conpared to the ocean. And we’re running out of time. And majority are still blinded by the pleasure of dunya, that is temporary.

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