Salafiyyah SG

So many plans but don’t know where to start. Have always wanted to establish a salafi bookstore initially, a store and a space like Salaam media except that we’ll sell authentic books. Books that we can order from Sunni bookshop or other bros in Uk. I’m sure some ikhwan here have ‘lobang’. But money. Singapore is a big problem when it comes to money. Money for this and that. But may Allah aid us.

And few weeks back something struck me and wallahi we need a salafi mosque in Singapore. Had a good convo with Aliif and Faizal and yes, at least a small abandon building that is convinient, that can be used and renovated to become a mosque. And never will it be under Muis. The ummah here really need a stepping stone and guidance back to Haqq. I know its an obligation to migrate but there’s this heavy feeling inside. What about the ummah over here, the offsprings and future generations, there’s no one to guide them except for a few. We need a ‘headquarter’ even if the numbers are a few. Ahlus sunnah are indeed strangers and numbers does not determine we are right or wrong.
Its gonna be convinient. Maybe we can ask for donations like masjid Athari. And once it’s established it’s gonna be easier for the brothers and sisters to have classes and telelinks. But it’s like a 50-50 thing and i hope one day there’ll be a way for us to start something here insyaAllah. Masjid as Salafi and Salafi bookstore. To have one for both is better than nothing. Once they’re established only then i can migrate at ease.

Actually there’s so many plans with the guys. Haha. Gym for brothers and sisters, prata shop, whatever shop. Dream big. But may Allah aid us. It’s just a plan and i really really pray that it’ll come true. May Allah aid us.

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