Oh you.

Righteous, faithful, a good chef, the 2nd most caring ummi (first is my mum), one who reminds me abt everything in any situation, a firm salafi upon the path, a firm muslimah who knows what is shyness, (niqabi is a plus point), one who accepts her husband marrying more (though i wont and dont intend to, but it’s something i dont want her to object because it’s sunnah), selenge (cause i am), someone who hates arguing, good at nagging in a good manner, one who can feed my cats and it’s offsprings, one who can be an excellent teacher to my childrens, and most importantly, practising patience.

Of course, good men are for good women and vice versa. It all starts with myself. And Allah will give me someone similar to myself. But for now, so many things to work on huh. I’ll get there someday. If I want a gem i cant expect that gem to marry a stone. Need to start polishing myself. So weak. Need a flying uppercut. To the jaw. To wake up.

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