Beautiful advise from the Shaykh Al ‘Allaamah ‘Abdul ‘Azeez Ibn Baaz

(Shared by Bro Yigit Usenmez)

It was said to the shaykh,
“Oh shaykh, so and so has become misguided”. The Shaykh  replied:

“Perhaps his deviation was due to two things:
1. He didn’t ask Allah for Ath-thabaat (firmness).
2. He didn’t thank Allah for Al-Istiqaamah (steadfastness)

So when Allah chose for you the path of guidance, it was not because you are special, nor was it because of your obedience. But rather, it was a mercy from Him that enveloped you. He can remove it from you at any time.

Therefore,  do not be deceived by your actions nor by your worship. And do not look down upon the one who has deviated from His path. For had it not been due to His mercy, you would have been in his position.

Repeat the recitation of this verse while pondering:

“Had We not made you firm (Oh Muhammed sallallahu alayhi wasallam) then you would have inclined towards them slightly.”

So upon is to not to think that thabaat (firmness) upon Al-Istiqaamah (steadfastness) is due to your own personal achievements. Ponder over His statement (Ta’aalaa) to the best of mankind: “Had We not made you firm (Oh Muhammed sallallahu alayhi wasallam).”

So how about you?!

We are greatly mistaken when we disregard and pay no attention to our athkaar (supplications of remembrance). We believe it to be something that is not important and we forget that Allah preserves us with it. And perhaps the decree will change…

Ibn Qayyim says:
“The need of the servant in his supplications by which he seeks refuge [in Allah], is more severe than his need for food, drink and clothes!”

Be consistent in your athkaar (supplications of remembrance), so that you can encompass the meaning:

“Preserve Allah, He will preserve you.”

Fortify [yourselves] every morning and evening [with your athkaar (supplications of remembrance)].  For the dunya (life of this world) is horrifying and full of surprises and Allah is the protector of His servants.

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One Response to Beautiful advise from the Shaykh Al ‘Allaamah ‘Abdul ‘Azeez Ibn Baaz

  1. aboomuadh says:

    Reblogged this on aboomuadh and commented:
    ‘Beautiful’ is an understatement for such piece of advice. Really beneficial, start till end. Allaah keep us firm in the Deen, for He guides whom He wills, and whomsoever He guides none can misguide. Allaahul musta’an, Allaahul musta’an, Allaahul musta’an. 🌾

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