Shared by Bro Abu Humayd

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Remember your future often, my brothers. Truly, we will all go from a house, a mansion, a palace or whatever other residence we may have been given in this life to a hole in the ground.

Death is that which many people are wishing to elude, but little do they know that with every day they spend in vain toil they only come nearer to their appointed time. Truly, every man and woman has an appointed time. No knowledge is contained in the breast of the created of this affair, nor of its four brethren in uncertainty,  except with your Lord, the All Knowing.

No one has guaranteed us that we will make it to the ‘eid. No one one has guaranteed us that we will make it to jumu’ah. No one has guaranteed us that we will make it to the rows. Truly no one has guaranteed that you will be able to turn your face to give the second salaam!

No one knows what awaits him in his earthy abode, great space or severe crushing, but know that this night you will be alone, and it will be a night like no other.

Life is fleeing us by the second, from the one standing perfectly still, and even from the newborn.

The affair has been relayed, brothers, in its entirety, so do not wander like the one with no bearings, and when directions are given to him he is proud, reluctant and carries on wandering.

But travel upon this earth, and may Allah bless and protect you, like the one with a known destination that he wishes to reach and with knowledge of the path to it and the paths that hinder from it.

Ignorance is bliss only to children and those wishing to remain foolish. So do not act like the fool, while you know better. In acting there is a hidden love or liking for the one being imitated, and you should be mindful of who you love.

And if one still wishes to cling this bliss, thinking that by this he will escape a heavy conscience and remain in good cheer, then bring him to the ones who know that may they inform him of the demise of the one who spoke upon ignorance.

May Allah make us of the few when we remember the blessing we have been given.

Do not be saddened over what the heedless have over you of wealth and children, as this is for them a weight which will sink them further into perdition. Be patient knowing that what awaits you in the true life is better, more lasting, and free of any defects.

And do not sit with those who are worse than the animals. Those who belittle the inheritors, and mock at their advice. From us they are not, so let not your ears host their speech nor your heart incline to it.

They only which to burn the bridge to our salaf along with its keepers. Desires are their proofs and innovations are their way. That which they seek will be the breaker of their backs.

So hold fast to the rope of Allah and follow the guidance, and rid yourself of all newly invented matters so that you may attain success.

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