“Indeed the work of the woman in her home, even if some people believe it to be insignificant. In fact, it is significant, joining together many specific roles, and it requires that which the country requires – it calls for knowledge and understanding. It necessitates strictness. It requires administration as well as economic management. It calls for gentleness, mercy and compassion and necessitates lofty principles. Indeed the woman who regards the work in the home with scorn, belittling it – this is evidence that she does not properly understand this as it should be understood; therefore she is not someone who establishes it properly. Likewise, those who believe that she is inactive and unproductive in her house – either they do not understand this work, or they in fact understand it, but have a disease in their hearts.”

Shaykh Saalih al Fawzaan, hafidhahullaah, [My Home, My Path, Page 28]

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