Compilation of the Scholars’ Defence and Immense Praise of SPUBS

1) Sh Waseeullaah and those lying to him about SPUBS:

2) Sh Falaah’s response to Sh Waseeullaah:

3) LIES against SPUBS refuted by the scholars:

4) Biography of Ustaadh Abu Khadeejah Abdul-Waahid:

5) Biography of Ustaadh Abu Hakeem Bilaal Davis:



Our brother, Abu Abdul Wahhab Mohammed As-Somali, of Darus-Sunnah, Shepherds Bush, London UK, wrote during the night of the sacred month, the 3rd of Rajab 1435H, equivalent to the Gregorian date, the 3rd of May 2014 regarding a sitting they had with Al-Allamah, the virtuous Shaykh, Rabee Ibn Haadee Al-Madkhalee, at his local masjid after Salaatul-Maghrib:

“Ikhwaan, today we managed to sit with Shaykh Rabee (alhamdulillaah), may Allah extend his life upon obedience.

He then asked us where we are from. We said: ‘London’. He then said: ‘Are you with Maktabah Salafiyyah?’

At first I thought he was talking about if we came with them (i.e. to Saudi Arabia) and I said: ‘Yes Shaykh, but on different flights’, he then said: ‘No, I mean are you with them with regards to Manhaj and Aqeedah, is it the same?’

I then said: ‘Yes O Shaykh! We are, and they come to our masjid to give lectures regularly.’

He also mentioned Abu Khadeejah by name from the Maktabah.

This was all witnessed by a number of brothers. Amongst them were:

Abdul Wahhab Yemeni
Mahmoud Somali
Abu Musa Ahmed
Abu Bakr Somali
Jibreel Somali
Abdur-Rahman Jazaairee
Saeed Abu Muawiyyah.

Present also was the Shaykh’s student, Abu Mansoor Abdur Rahmaan.

The Shaykh was testing us with Salafi Publications because we are from the UK, and they are the ones known for Salafiyyah.” 
End quote.

📌[Beautiful Tazkiyah for our Brothers at SPUBS & another thorn in the throat of the Hizbiyoon]-

✒@DaarusSunnah: [1] Shaykh Muhammed Ibn Hadi was asked during the sitting: What is your advice for those who warn and mock our brothers from Spubs such as
@DaarusSunnah: [2] Abu Khadeejah, Abu Hakeem, Uways at-Taweel and others. They say: Those people are not scholars. We do not need to sit with them.
@DaarusSunnah: [3] Shaykh Muhammed replied: So who else will you go to? They are brothers who have studied in Madeenah Uni and some have graduated from it.
@DaarusSunnah: [4] This (speech of theirs) proves that they are sick! Stay away from them.
@DaarusSunnah: [5] the Shaykh added: They are the BEST you have!

✒@salafitalkcom: Shaikh Muhammad Haadee said: @AbuHakeemBilal & @AbuIdrees are my students from the Jaami’ah. He said: @AbuKhadeejahSP is also my student.

Read and forward. Requires thorough reading of the links with focus and Ikhlaas for the genuine seekers of truth.

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