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Cliche, but internet really takes away alot of our time. Kerana internet, app quran tak bukak. Kerana social media, banyak sangat dosa yg kita buat tanpa disedari. I know and i admit i’ve been struggling with abandoning of social media for the past few months, and i’m still not giving up till now. There’s just too much rubbish and fitna. Even the ‘right people’ that we followed reveal a little too much about their lives. Not local, but other bros and sis from other countries. Yes, the students of knowledge and some scholars have twitter too. But they know how to use it wisely. And we’re not them. Sometimes we see certain posts that cause anger in our hearts, and we’re so swift to comment or indirect/ debate. Sedangkan singa tak layan nyalakan anjing. Yg kita ni pandai pandai nak jawab balik kenapa. I see salafi mentioning the non salafi talking about deen, in a manner that is so childish. Cant we just let them be?

Plus all the crisis that is going on in Gaza, people posting pics and vids, tak rasa simpati ke.. tak rasa mcm rude ke kalau post gambar gambar victim, in a bad and worse state? Org nak tngk and nak picit pun takde guts, tak sanggup tngk saudara kita kene seksa. You wanna raise awareness then do it the right way. This aside, there’s many other things that makes me feel disgusted about being in social media tapi tak paham kenapa masih ‘addicted’. Not a freak but.. boring je bukak phone bukak twitter/fb. Rasa mcm i’m missing out in life. Best jugak kan, kalau hidup tanpa teknologi. Boleh buat outdoor activity, panjat pokok kelapa, tngk beach. Tapi yg buat kita appreciate teknologi sangat sangat, is the opportunity for us to seek knowledge and communicate with the salafis around the world.

Now, i’ve deactivated my twitter and opened a new account. Following necessary people only, and not gonna let anyone follow me. 0 followers. Biarlah putus hubungan dengan dunia. Org yg terdekat masih ada. Whatsapp ada. Mulut dan badan masih ada utk berbual. Its better for us to remain unknown pun, kan. Kalau ada twitter public, org rt bnyk bnyk, bohong kalau kdg kdg tak rasa riya dlm hati. Kalau gini, safer. Sigghhhh. Fall seven times stand up eight, i hope this will be the last time. I need to remain patient while abandoning social websites (not totally abandoning for now, but slowly, sbb tu ada private account).

“Kalau takde 4G, boleh mati ke?”, kata kata yg boleh sepak muka ni.

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