Find the suitable one, not perfect one

At the age of 23:

Sisters: I want a man who has wealth, good looks, is tall dark and handsome. He should also have a little trimmed beard and pray 5x a day. He should let me work and give me lots of freedom. He should be kind, loving, caring and also funny. 

Brothers: She should be beautiful, modest, wear niqab but at the same time be extremely experienced with home duties. She should cook like a pro and also look after my entire family and become our servant. 

At the age of 28 having spent 5 years looking for someone that doesn’t exist:

Sisters: I want a man who prays and will fear Allah with regards to me

Brothers: A woman who fears Allah and will be a good mother to my children as well as a good spouse to me

If only they’d realised 5 years earlier. Please be realistic when it comes to marriage. You’re not perfect so you shouldn’t expect it from your spouse. Prioritise deen because it will last and beautify the person. Looks fade. Wealth can disappear overnight. 

Follow the prophetic guidance and look for deen and character first and foremost. (Although this doesn’t mean we should overlook other factors such as looks etc)

Originally posted by Abu Talha Zahack

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