Ad deenu naseehah. I’ve advised and tried giving dawah about Salafiyyah to some. Some accepted and became the young potential lions. And there’s a number who accepted halfway and went back to continue with their ignorance. No, this is not riya’ nor exposing flaws. Just wanna emphasize that Allah truly guides whom He wills. And that He might even take this blessing (salafiyyah) away from us if we’re not careful or grateful, and make us into someone opposing the sunnah due to seeking of fame, too eager and impatient for knowledge etc, we seek refuge in Allah the Most High from that. Always ask Allah to keep us firm in this path, and always thank and praise Him.

Sometimes we tend to procastinate. People say that change takes time. One step at a time. I disagree to a certain extent. Yes, you can take your time, slowly, step by step when it comes to knowledge. But when it comes to obvious rulings about things like awrah, you dont need steps. Its a 180 degrees turn. If we need steps to change, like from uncovering awrah to wrapping awrah (jeans, short shawls/turbans), to jubahs etc, then either of these are missing; ikhlas/ love & obedience towards Allah/ knowledge. But if all these are present and one still need ‘steps’ to change, then something is wrong and may Allah guide these people. Not only awrah. Haram relationships.

No, dont say the ‘end product is what matters’ because it’s unhealthy. Even if you successfully marry someone and before that you’re in a haram relationship, the both of you still needs to repent for the ‘haram times’ together. Or when you’re alrdy wearing jubah or niqab, you still need to ask Allah for forgiveness for the times you uncover or the times you make ‘hijab’ a fashion thingy.

Reminder to myself first… change isnt easy wallahi. It truly shows the lack of knowledge, sincerity, love, fear, and hope we have for Allah if we find it hard to change. I cant deny it myself. It’s the truth. Allahul musta’an. Cant afford to touch a single bit of the fire but at the same time not reaching for the perfect destination. Allahul musta’an. May Allah give us the strength and istiqamah.

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